Daniel Arsham

What drives an artist, inspired by principles of timelessness and craftsmanship, to enter an industry typified by novelty and throwaway excess? The answer - like so much of Daniel Arsham’s work - lies within the paradox. 

For Arsham, Objects IV Life is not a departure from his ongoing exploration of time distortion, but rather an expansion of this practice. Using deadstock fabrics to reimagine perennial style staples, Arsham finds a new expression for the process of material transformation that underpins his oeuvre.

Rejecting the relentless pace and mindless manufacturing methods of the fashion world, Arsham imbues essential garments with an artist’s unique patina. His guiding principle of circularity informs both process and philosophy: Objects IV Life strives, above all, to offer responsibly-made clothing, crafted to last a lifetime.